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I've wiped the hard drive on my PC and need my licence again.

Email us at support@bbsoftware.co.uk and tell us the email address you originally received the licence key to or the 'owner name' you think would have been used. We'll do our best to retrieve the key for you.

Why do I need a licence for BB FlashBack Express when is it is free?

BB FlashBack Express is indeed free to use, but after 30 days you need to register and get a free licence. Just click the 'Register Now' button on the window that appears when you start BB FlashBack Express.

Can I use movies created by BB FlashBack (any edition) for commercial purposes?

Yes - you have all rights to movies created with any edition of BB FlashBack.

My copy of BB FlashBack has expired - how do I get a licence key.

Just start BB FlashBack, and you will see a window telling you that your trial has expired. Click the 'Buy BB FlashBack' button to buy a licence online. If you are using BB FlashBack Express you'll see a 'Register Now' button. Click that to get a free licence that enables you to continue using BB FlashBack Express.

How do I use the licence key and 'owner name'?

When you purchase a licence, we send you an email containing the licence key and owner name. You need to enter both into BB FlashBack to use the licence. There are 2 ways of doing this:

  1. Start BB FlashBack (Recorder or Player). You will see a window telling you how many days are left in your free trial. Click the 'Enter your licence key' button and enter the licence key and owner name on the window that appears next.
  2. In BB FlashBack, go to the Help menu in Player or the main menu in Recorder. Click the 'Enter / Review Licence' item and enter the licence key and owner name on the window that appears next.

Remember that the owner name is case sensitive - we recommend copying and pasting the values from the email to reduce the risk of errors.

Does the licence expire?

No - your BB FlashBack licence is valid forever.

I purchased BB FlashBack but never received a licence.

The reason for this is almost always that the mail has been caught by spam filters. The mail is sent from keys@bbsoftware.co.uk, so either add this to your 'whitelist' (if your spam filter operates this way) or email us at support@bbsoftware.co.uk and we'll email it again to you.

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