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Which export format should I use? What are the best settings for low or high quality playback that won't stress PC resources. ( TestAssistant, Standard, Pro, Express)
Exported movie size is very large My exported movie is very large. How can I reduce the file size of exported movies? ( Standard, TestAssistant, Pro, Express)
Bad image quality in exported Flash I've exported my movie to Flash but it appears to be stretched or low quality. ( Standard, TestAssistant, Pro, Express)
Cannot use batch export in BB FlashBack Express or Standard The Help file talks about a batch export function, but the menu item for it is missing. ( Express, Standard)
Flash - SWF exports too large I've exported my movie to Flash (swf) but the file is too big. How can I reduce the size? ( Pro, Express, TestAssistant, Standard)
Will the BB FlashBack logo always be on my exports? Is the "Created with BB FlashBack" logo visible on my movies after I have purchased? ( Pro, TestAssistant, Express, Standard)
Flash movie pauses when I run it from web server My Flash exports play ok from my local hard drive, but when I copy them to a web server, playback pauses. ( Pro, Express, Standard, TestAssistant)
Flash movies turn all red after some time I export to Flash, but when I play the movie, after a few minutes it turns all red. ( Standard, TestAssistant, Express, Pro)
Flash exports show message: "Flash player has stopped a potentially unsafe operation" When you open a Flash export, a message appears "Flash player has stopped a potentially unsafe operation". ( Pro, TestAssistant, Express, Standard)
What formats can I save or export my recordings to? Can I save or export my BB FlashBack movies to other video formats such as Flash, QuickTime, H264 or AVI?
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Guides d'Utilisateur
Exporter au bon format
WMV ou AVI? EXE ou Flash? FlashBack exporte dans une variété de formats, par conséquent vous devez choisir le bon pour vous et pour votre audience.

Faire des AVI de meilleure qualité
Comment améliorer la qualité et réduire la taille de vos exportations AVI.

Explication des tailles de fichier film
Un guide pour comprendre ce qui rend les fichiers films de FlashBack (et exportés) plus gros et certaines astuces pour les réduire.